Lawmakers Warn Of Special Education Cuts

22 Oct 2012 4:47 PM | Anonymous
By Michelle Diament, Disability Scoop
October 18, 2012
Some 12,000 special education teachers and aides could lose their jobs in the coming months unless Congress acts to stop impending cuts, according to a new report from Congressional Democrats.

The warning is the latest from lawmakers on the impact likely to be felt from a series of automatic federal spending reductions expected to take effect Jan. 2 under a process known as sequestration. The cuts undefined totaling more than $100 billion undefined were triggered after lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal last year.

The White House estimates that special education alone would lose more than $1 billion under the plan, which calls for most federal programs to be slashed by at least 8.2 percent.

The latest report from Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee suggests that the projected staffing reductions could affect over 500,000 students with disabilities.
While members of both political parties have expressed concern about the spending rollbacks, no action on the issue is expected until members of Congress return to Washington following the Nov. 6 election.

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